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Last comments


0861020586 or +61861020586

Bill scam commented 2020-10-28
Hi they call you for we will provide 30% discount on your utility bills first we do payment to your provider after confirming you have to pay cash to us so be alert don't answer these call they talk in punjabi hindi make good trust they also try with me but after researching online everything its scam discountzone inc like this website they tell you we operate from USA Canada Australia and they tell you we have vouchers gift card to pay bills +61 480 023 767 More number they use to call and one thing they can call us but when we try to call its says that number has been disconnected


0489079890 or +61489079890

john commented 2020-10-28
caller said he was from Australian taxation dept. and needed my tax file number.. I don't know what for, as I hung up.


0465754579 or +61465754579

Uh commented 2020-10-28
Scam number


0458643853 or +61458643853

A.Anderson commented 2020-10-28
Received a call from this number, a pre recording saying it was from Services Australia and I was in legal trouble with them and that I should dial 1. Sounded very much like a scam.


0482771957 or +61482771957

Zoey riley commented 2020-10-28
Stuck in tawoomba


0251335013 or +61251335013

Analyst Queue / Beqa Dollary commented 2020-10-28
Analyst Queue / Beqa Dollary wanted to talk about Bitcoin probably marketing or SCAM


0391125966 or +61391125966

Mary * commented 2020-10-28
Why can this number call me, but I can’t call it back?


0392781605 or +61392781605

Hannah * commented 2020-10-28
Who is that? I do not know who uses this number


0411526106 or +61411526106

Robert * commented 2020-10-28
I received 4 calls from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m. from this phone number


0420959265 or +61420959265

Theo * commented 2020-10-28
Stay away from this number - it's a scammer